Our privacy policy

Here at e-mail remind we respect your privacy and understand that you like to know what happens with YOUR information. Although we are not a member of any online organisations to monitor our policies, we have set them out in plain English so that you can understand them. If you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at Help@e-mail-remind.co.uk

Changes to the Privacy Policy?

If for any reason we have to change our Privacy Policy, we will notify you by e-mail of the changes. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice, and only the current Privacy Policy may be deemed effective.

What GENERAL information do we collect about YOU?

Everytime you visit e-mail remind, basic information about your computer is captured (as with almost all sites!) this includes: IP Address(e.g., Operating System (e.g. Win95/98 etc), Browser Details (e.g. IE, NN), other numeric codes to ID a computer.

What do you use the GENERAL information for?

Not much to be honest - the main purpose will be to observe usage and patterns so that we can increase bandwidth and processing power should it be needed. The data can also be used if we believe users are trying to hack the system.

What PERSONAL information do we collect about YOU?

During the sign up page you are required to fill in some basic details about yourself. These details will include : e-mail address (used as your login), Name (broken down into Title, First, Initial, Last), Date of Birth , Secondary e-mail address (for future use!), First two letters of your postcode, and your Country.

What do you use the PERSONAL information for?

The PERSONAL information is used to identify you, and also to allow us to personalise e-mail messages to you. This data including your e-mail address, will NOT be passed on to any other third parties. We will also use it for targeting adverts at you (and also decrease the number of pointless adverts you will receive, e.g. a local florist in Nottingham is not going to want to advertise to potential customers in Southampton!).

What OTHER information do we collect?

For each reminder you setup there is some additional information we collect : Date (so we know when to remind you!), and depending on the type of reminder, Name, Relationship etc.

What do you use this OTHER information for?

It allows us to target adverts better and again reduce the amount of pointless adverts you get. Again as with all the other data we collect, this will NOT be sold on.

What are cookies, and how does e-mail remind use them?

A cookie is a piece of information stored on your computer, and is normally used to store small amounts of data : like the number of times you visit a site, or your name. Cookies are used on this site to help you with the login process if you have asked for the auto login process. If you do not have cookies enabled, some of the features on e-mail remind, may not work as intended.

What happens to my data if I want to leave?

If you decide that this service is of no further use, you can delete your account through the members options page. At the bottom is a link to remove your account - by entering your password here and selecting submit, all your account details will be deleted. We have no way to recover this information except via our backups, however we will NOT recover a single users account - the backup will only be used if we have a disk failure or database problem. In time any of your details on our backup will be lost as the tapes are reused.

How do I access, or change information about myself?

If you need to change any details about yourself, login and then select the options. From here you can change your name / e-mail address etc. If your e-mail address has changed and you want to change that, login with your old e-mail address (the one you set the account up with) then amend it as above.

How can I protect my details from other people?

Never tell anyone your password. When you sign up, you will be given a password, always go to the options page first and change this to something you will remember, but for security make it more complex by jumbling tow word together. No one from e-mail remind will ask you for your password by fax/phone/e-mail. If someone claims to be from e-mail remind and asks you for details, do NOT respond. If you share a computer, it is recommended that you do NOT have the auto login enabled, as anyone using that computer could gain access to your details/information.


Although every effort is made to keep all the data secure, it is possible for someone to break into our site (electronically or physically) and steal it, however we would like to believe this to be highly improbable.